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Teen Events

Kingston Joint United / Lutheran / Anglican Youth Group
Almost a dozen Kingston churches are in collaboration to offer a series of events for teens in grades 7-12. All young people, affiliated with a faith community or not, are welcome to participate in these events. We just require parental permission. Most events will contain the following elements: Learning where we wiling explore a current community concern, with a variety of lenses including that of spirituality and faith perspectives; Service, engaging a service event to address concern, and Fellowship, to foster healthy relationships with peers.

Our first event is September 23rd, join us for a group clean-up day.

See September’s Event

Kids & Family Events

Join us for a series of activities throughout the year geared towards young children and families. From apple-picking to a Winter Lights Carnival, there is fun for all. No cost. Please click the links below to view more details:



Open Events

We offer regular events and group gatherings for those looking to experience community, nature, and fellowship. Please check out our “Get Involved” page above, or click the button below for more detail.

  • Faith and practice exploration groups for people of all ages
  • Eco-spirituality Encounter Groups
  • Spirit Queery: a space for 2SLGBTQIA+ persons to explore intersections of faith, spirituality, and life.
  • Monthly Book Club

Sunday School & Confirmation


These programs will begin at the end of September and the beginning of October. Once we have consulted with more of our families with school age children, we will post the official schedule. Sunday School will gather twice a month and Confirmation will meet once a month for an extended time. We also hope that our families would participate in the inter-church family and teen actives listed above. If you have questions or know of others who might be interested in these programs please contact our office (admin@kingstonlutherans.com) for Sunday School, and Brother Brett for Confirmation. (pastor@kingstonlutherans.com)

Sunday School: Begins Sept 24th, Oct 1st, Oct. 29th, Nov 12th
Confirmation: Begins Oct. 22nd, Nov. 19th, Dec. 17th

Affirmation Of Welcome

  • We as a faith community proclaim the message that the Grace of God is infinitely inclusive and that everyone is welcome through our doors.
  • We welcome all who are seeking God’s love and grace.
  • We welcome all because God welcomes all regardless of race culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship status.
  • We welcome all without regard to addictions, physical or mental health, imprisonment, socio-economic circumstances, or anything that too often divides us.
  • We pledge to ourselves and to all others that we will strive to live as a reconciling people, in our life together and in our outreach to the world.
St. Marks Lutheran Church is a Reconciling in Christ Community. What does that mean?

The purpose of the Reconciling in Christ Program is to ensure the welcome, inclusion, celebration, and advocacy for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions; work for racial equity and commit to anti-racist work and support the national program.

1. Our community explicitly states a welcome to LGBTQIA+  people and names its commitment to racial  equity  and  anti-racism

2. Our community is open to calling LGBTQIA+ and Black, Brown, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC) Rostered Leaders.

3. Will allow community space/sanctuary to be used for  LGBTQIA+ weddings and blessings.

4. Will  make a meaningful contribution  annually to support the national RIC program.

More information here: https://www.reconcilingworks.org/