St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

God First, sharing the love of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Worship with us on Sundays at 10AM

Affirmation Of Welcome

  • We as a faith community proclaim the message that the Grace of God is infinitely inclusive and that everyone is welcome through our doors.
  • We welcome all who are seeking God’s love and grace.
  • We welcome all because God welcomes all regardless of race culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship status.
  • We welcome all without regard to addictions, physical or mental health, imprisonment, socio-economic circumstances, or anything that too often divides us.
  • We pledge to ourselves and to all others that we will strive to live as a reconciling people, in our life together and in our outreach to the world.

News & Updates

St. Mark’s Monthly Newsletter

St. Mark’s Monthly Newsletter

Read the July Newsletter here. Want to submit something to our newsletter? Want to subscribe? Email Mercedes at Missed a month? Check out our most recent newsletters: June 2024 May 2024 April 2024 March 2024 February 2024 January 2024...

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Easter Weekend Worship @ St Marks

Easter Weekend Worship @ St Marks

We hope you will join us for one or all of the following dates of worship:     Thursday, April 6, 2023: Maundy Thursday Service - 7pm at St Marks (263 Victoria)     Friday April 7, 2023: Good Friday Service - 10am at Sydenham Street United Church...

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Recovery Made Real: Registration Now Open

Recovery Made Real: Registration Now Open

*Registration Extended until Friday May 5th @ 11pm* St Mark's Lutheran Church is offering a free workshop* which will provide education regarding the individual skills needed to ‘walk beside’ vulnerable people who have mental health issues and/or addiction issues....

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Our History
In the summer of 1946, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary students Eric and John Reble conducted a survey in Kingston to determine the number of Lutherans living in Kingston. As a result, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church was formally organized as a congregation, April 16, 1950, with 61 members. Over the years the congregation has seen many changes. We were founded as a church that was comprised mainly of European immigrants and second generations European immigrants. Now we are a congregation that is committed to being of service to our surrounding community.
Social Justice
Our congregation provides opportunities for St. Marks as a community of faith to build and grow by sharing the love of Christ in the wider society in ways that promote human dignity, respect, justice and equality. Guided by changing social concerns and the interests of members, we do this, for example, through prison ministry, support for those unhoused or precariously unhoused, and through interfaith and community cooperation in areas such as refugee sponsorship and advocacy.
Community Outreach
We are people committed to fostering the growth of others. Our congregation has a long tradition caring for the sick and housebound. Our prayer ministry, telephone ministry and visitation ministry ensure that those who need the comfort of the triune God are served. St. Marks Lutheran Church also is involved in active outreach through campus ministry, youth ministry and children’s ministry.
St. Marks Lutheran Church is a Reconciling in Christ Community. What does that mean? The purpose of the Reconciling in Christ Program is to ensure the welcome, inclusion, celebration, and advocacy for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions; work for racial equity and commit to anti-racist work and support the national program. 1. Our community explicitly states a welcome to LGBTQIA+  people and names its commitment to racial  equity  and  anti-racism 2. Our community is open to calling LGBTQIA+ and Black, Brown, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC) Rostered Leaders. 3. Will allow community space/sanctuary to be used for  LGBTQIA+ weddings and blessings. 4. Will  make a meaningful contribution  annually to support the national RIC program. More information here: